Concept54 CATERING

Drawing your ideas
Our mission is to Create your Visions

With you, we observe your drawings, analyze your projects, listen to how you imagine them to be realized and, with your experience, we lead you through the path that connects ides and reality. We advise you and study the most functioning solutions, choosing the best materials, handling with passion every visual detail and building with expertise.

CONCEPT 54 designs your ideas.

How it works


With Concept 54 you can turn in reality your ideas and your projects, simply by yourself.

You can easily compose the modules, pick the visual details and choose among all the options available. Due to a framework structure, you can compose your modules and easily change them in the future: you just have to pull out the old unit and insert the new one in the framework.

CONCEPT 54, it works!

High modularity


Several types of units, to meet every functional need, several sizes available and a wide range of technical and visual solutions. We designed different modules for the bar counter and for the back counter, with different depth and specific accessories.

For a full possibility of composition.



Concept 54:

The units we offer are created by mixing and matching different components: refrigerating (from 1 to 4 doors, with or without built-in unit) and non-refrigerating stainless steel modules, stainless steel or corian wor­ktops, refrigerating or hot drop-in wells, with lit glass superstructure or shelves. We list many different combinations, to allow you to create the perfect bar.


Not only the solidity of stainless steel, not only the precision of cutting edge technology: CONCEPT 54 enhance your project also with refinement, making it unique. Thanks to its experience, out team supports you and advises you on how to finish every single visual detail, helping you to create your style with the best materials and the most functioning solutions.

The warmth of lighting that sheds light to the composition.
The creativity of paintings that enhance the stainless steel.
The elegance of the materials that decorate your furniture.
The beauty of marbles as worktops.
And so much more.

CONCEPT 54 is the Atelier of your projects.




Side panel decoration


Front panel decoration




Side / Front panel decoration


Easy to combine


With just a click you can be the designer of your own ideas, by choosing both the units to compose your modules and every visual detail as refinement, in order to create something perfectly suitable to your needs.

Relax and…. Make it easy! Designing has never been so accessible.

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